Fearless Forecast (Gospel Jam 1.20.13)

(Posted in Facebook Notes 1.21.13)

I had a prayer answered last night. For quite a long time now, I’ve always wanted to meet a former I.N.C. member who came to know Jesus Christ as his/her Savior.



Having several friends who are religiously devoted I.N.C. members (you know how they love to defend or to make debates about their doctrines, and how they strongly believe that Jesus is only a human), I’ve wondered what a former I.N.C. member would have to say about his/her personal encounter with Jesus.



And last night at Gospel Jam, God granted me that. I was moved to tears to hear Ms. Cherrie Gabriel-Cruz’ testimony. It was truly remarkable how God brought her out of a false belief. Hearing her sing with such power coming from within, though a doctor once told her that she won’t be able to sing again after having vocal nodules, made my heart stop as she hit the high notes!!! It’s a miracle indeed!



Then I’ve contemplated, may it be I.N.C., or other religious groups, or even atheists, if the Lord Jesus decides to melt a heart of stone, NOTHING could ever stop it! After all, SALVATION is His expertise!!!



As a whole, it was a blessing-filled event! Husband and wife Vic and Avelynn Garcia left a strong message that night. Winsouls rocked the house for the glory of God. Grace Cruz and the Shine for Jesus artists graced us with their song numbers, with the love of Jesus radiating in their faces. Thanks to ROCKBATO who did an excellent job in rendering old worship songs and putting a new flavor into it. And of course, Direk Mark, Ate Jeanne and the new co-host Christian, did a very good job on hosting—not afraid to “make a fool of themselves” as Direk Mark puts it. I would also like to commend the GJ staff for all the efforts you lovingly exerted. Our Labor for the Lord will never be in vain.



Hallelujah to the One Most Dear—JESUS CHRIST!!



Till next jam. Sacred Silence really had a great time with all of you! 😀






“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as though you were working for the Lord and not for people. Remember that the Lord will give you as a reward what he has kept for his people. For Christ is the real Master you serve.”

~Colossians 3:23-24



According to statistics, if you have a roof above your head and food on your table, you belong to the 8% of the world’s wealthiest. That’s enough reason to be thankful. You are blessed…

As I was on my way home last night, I was able to watch the news via the bus’ TV. I usually arrive at home very late at night so I really don’t have much time to watch. I would often sleep rather than fix my eyes on the TV set after a long, tiresome day in the office.

I knew of what happened in Cagayan De Oro City and the nearby provinces of Mindanao through the stories I heard from my officemates and through the radio playing in the background, but I really didn’t know how massive the losses and the damages were until last night.

Sendong, just as how nasty the typhoon’s name sounds, really left a vindictive mark in the lands of Mindanao and in the hearts of countless people who lost not only things and pets but more importantly, numerous lives of their loved ones.

I couldn’t help but shed tears at the sight of the catastrophe caught on camera. I felt my throat was also flooded with so much tears… My heart ached for these people I don’t personally know. I thought of my relatives over there, how are they doing? Are they hurt? Did I lose a loved one, too? I still don’t know up to this moment. I could only hope…

Amidst this disaster that hampered the Philippine territory, the Filipino people remain strong and hopeful.

I, on the other hand, though feeling morose for the misfortune that has directly engulfed my countrymen, choose to pray for them and extend help in anyway that I can. The gale will pass and soon enough a rainbow might be spotted somewhere, mayhap not in the velvet sky but inside our very hearts.

I am still greatly blessed beyond words. I have a roof over my head and food on my table. Thank You, Lord…