Fortitude in Weakness

There are times when people look at me and they see a very tough woman. They put in their mind that my toughness makes me insusceptible to pain. So they think it’s ok to hurt me over and over.


Yet there are times that this tough woman shakes like a leaf and gets scared and hurt, too. Like all the others, there’s a small child in me that curls up in bed and cries her heart out, longing to be held by someone stronger than her.



I just am so blessed that in my weakest times, I find my fortitude in Christ alone…


3 responses

  1. I love youur strength! God made you unique. If someoe is not going through pain now they will be. The physical touch might not be the same but God will never leave you. And it sounds like you are where he wants you right now.:( That is the most peaceful place to be. Take care. mlm

    • Thank you for your sweet reply. The things I am about to face might sound or even look scary. But I have this peace that passes all understanding. Jesus gives me peace. And I really find comfort at that. :’)

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