To You (Whoever You Are) part 1

Dear Future Husband,

Are you for real?…

…. or just a figment of my imagination?

I am missing you so much that it hurts… So much that it brings tears to my eyes…

…though I haven’t really met you yet…




12 responses

  1. Dear Ghaylie, I am not the only one who writes to my future husband.
    I started a journal 2 years ago in which I write to him, waiting patiently. I’m 22 years old and sometimes I wonder when God will place him in my life…but I’m in no rush…for Jesus has been my rock and my true Prince of all Princes.

    • I know Savannah. It’s just one of those days wherein waiting seems too long (and painful). And though you and I are both waiting for our future spouses, we’re still under different circumstances. You see, I am already a single mom at 25 (now I’m 26, never been married, though, just to make it clear) and sometimes I can’t help but wonder if there is still someone man enough to accept me as his wife, and my daughter as his own. But I also am very confident that with or without a husband, Jesus will never stop loving me. And I am constantly reminded that above all, it’s the Lord whom I must love first and foremost. I am safe in His hands. He should be enough for me… But you know, there’s this stubborn “princess” in me waiting for her “prince charming”. Haha!

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