When My Worst Became At Its Best


I walked quietly on one lonesome night and thoughts never stopped pouring in. I felt a void I couldn’t quite get rid of. Then I noticed tears have started to cascade down my cheeks, no way of stopping them now. I felt desolate. I felt abandoned. I felt alone…

It’s one of those tough times that I needed a shoulder to cry on but couldn’t find any. Everybody seemed “too busy”. Everybody seemed not to care. Everybody seemed moving fast-forward and I was the only one in slow motion. And I felt like even if I pour my heart out to them, they wouldn’t really understand.

No one would understand…

I looked up at the expanse of the starlit sky. Every star looked wonderful, dancing gaily, as if they were inviting me to join in their waltz. Then as I am left in awe, I realized I have seen God’s fingerprints on the vastness of the sky. I saw one star twinkle remarkably and by that I knew the Lord said to me, “I Am here.”

Another tear dropped.

I felt a cool breeze brush against my skin, and it blew my hair away from my ear which made me hear a soft, soothing whisper. I knew it was Him. He said, “I Am here.”

My heart pounded on my chest, I felt my blood rushing through my veins. Lub-dub-lub-dub-Lub-dub. In every coming in and out of blood through my heart, I was reminded that this life that I have is a gift. And in every beat my heart gave out, I heard the still, small Voice who said, “I Am here.”

Someone listens. Someone understands. And even if the whole world turned its back on me, my Lord Jesus never will.

I continued on my journey with wings on my feet. And whenever I stopped and felt afraid, I hear Him reassure that He’s there… with me…

Walking on one lonesome night wasn’t lonely at all. I was never alone.

Jesus is here.


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