Your Word, oh God, is like a sweet lullaby
That brings peace to my troubled soul,
When my wings are broken and I couldn’t fly,
You graft them together; with You I soar.
You are the Sturdy Rock that I rest upon
When life’s troubles have worn me down,
And when my strength gets harder to define,
I face the days with You around.
My knees are feeble, my heart is weak,
My vision’s unclear, my wounds are deep,
But You’ve promised that I’ll be secure,
In Your perfect love I always find cure.
Though the lies around me may blind my sight
I will always trust in Your holy might,
For You will make the clouds dispel,
And Your wondrous works, the world I’ll tell.
With You my future is always clear
Like a valiant soldier, I’ve nothing to fear.
And I’ll say, “Yes!” to You my Master;
I’ll gear up now, I’m ready for battle.
Your Word as my sword, and Your love as my armor,
In Your eyes I will surely find favor.
My hand You hold, it’s me You look after,
Father, I do not fear for we’re in this together.
The sound of trumpets will soon be heard,
Rejoicing and singing will resonate,
I’ll walk on the aisle; You’ll wait on Your throne.
My eyes are on You— I’ll finally be home.


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