Alive in You


To bless Your heart is my earnest prayer,
To write you songs or even a letter,
To put a smile on Your lovely face—
These, my Lord, are my utmost desires.
Hoping to meet with You tonight,
I knelt before Your holy presence.
Worries embraced my heart with fright,
But you loosed it all and it made sense.
Through the wind’s gush I felt You beside me,
And peace transcended my frantic thoughts.
A certain confidence has overwhelmed me,
My rampant waters no longer fought.
I feel powerless and indeed too small
For the colossal picture of my life,
But God, I know You’ve seen it all,
And in Your name, I’ll be a victor.
You are as close as my very breath,
In my dire need, You always answer.
Even if I approach the brink of death,
Your love for me won’t ever falter.
Move in ways I’ve never seen before,
Take me to Your novelty of heights,
Cleanse my heart and make it pure,
To die is gain, but to live is Christ.

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