A Midnight Psalm



I long so much for You,
And I sing of songs from the past
But they still seem new.
Your words will remain so true…
So I write again for You tonight,
Hoping to reach Your heart,
But I know even before I could
You already know what I ought to say
right from the start.
My heart overflows with love for You,
But Yours surpasses mine.
I couldn’t quite express it, Lord,
I just long to see You smile.
Smile down at me from heaven,
Right there from Your very throne,
As tears run down my cheeks,
Funny how I see Your own.
My tears are salty but Yours are sweet,
My love could die but Yours is deep.
Forever means having You,
And as forever is forever,
Lord, help me be true.
Don’t let this love be taken
By anything unworthy or anyone untrue,
Only You deserve to have my heart,
Take it and seal it—
It is Yours to comprise…
Transform and remake me
Into someone that You desire for me to be.
I will yield, I will trust,
I will obey,
And if pain is needed to make me strong,
Bring it along my way.
Valiantly, I will face the dread of night,
I know in my heart You’re my only Light.
Strengthen my knees, cover my heart
With a love undying
And will never set us apart.
The beyond doesn’t scare me anymore
Rather, it makes me fall back
in my faith in You.
Keep me under Your wings
And breathe in me Your breath.
Sustain me for the days that I may wane
I doubt not, neither do I fret.
I’ll wait—
Lovingly wait—
For You,
Cause time is of no constraint
Everlasting cannot be truly defined,
Eternity cannot be fathomed,
Perpetuity cannot be contained.
But I’m willing to wait for the day
When I’d finally comprehend their true meanings
And then I wouldn’t even need to ask.
For the last will be first
And the first will be last.
I will be strong in Your name
I’ll share the gift that I have
And as I wait for you, oh Lord,
Won’t You make haste?
And carry me home with You
Up there— in Your heaven,
Where Your eternal glory
I could finally taste.

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