Breakthrough; A Dream Come True


Yesterday, November 27, 2008, was another great day to remember. 🙂

I had the chance to visit my alma mater and it was really a day to cherish.

My band (sacred Silence) and I went there to minister to people and we were so glad to have been a part of that great event.

Back in college, it has been my dream to reach out to young people in that place. To win souls for Jesus. To spread His unfailing love. ANd moreover, to win UE caloocan for God’s kingdom.


Before, I admit, there were times that I almost gave up. But then, God was the one who taught me to just pray and pray. I prayed and I waited until something happened. I still did my best to reach out.

And I remember those nights that we held bible studies in the hallways of the TYK building and school guards came to dish us out. I thought, they were really cruel and mean… They even accused us that we were forming some kind of a fraternity or something… Then God would remind me that Jesus experienced worse than what we did. That would give comfort…

In the moments of praying, there were times that God was silent. I know He heard every single prayer I uttered. But…. He was silent. Perhaps, He was testing my faith back then. He wanted to see how far I would go for Him.

And then…. I graduated…

That dream never died out in my heart. I get really emotional when someone from our then bible study group says to me, “Ate/ Ghay, I really miss those times na nagbabible study at nagkakantahan tayo noon. Sana maulit.” Then I would have to answer, “Yeah… One time dalaw ako dyan. Then we’ll catch up on old times.”

It’s really good reminiscing those times.

And when we had that invitation to minister in UE Caloocan, I did not even think twice!

BREAKTHROUGH. That was the title of the event.

Praise God! Young people from that place responded positively. As I watch them stand up and respond to the altar call, I couldn’t help but cry… Tears flowed down my cheeks. My heart jumped for joy!

You see, this was a dream come true!!! And yeah, I, too, experienced the breakthrough just as those young people had theirs…

Once again, God has proved to me how He keeps His promises. Truly, His children’s labor will never ever be in vain.

I am proud at the fact that I was one who had a dream and prayed. And I was one of many who got their prayers answered… who waited until their dreams came to reality…



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