My eyes filled with tears
As you looked into mine
I glanced away
, you need not know,
You need not find.

That familiar feeling resurfaced,
One that I tried to forget for so long.
One that I never wanted to feel ever again—
Until now…

We lived our lives the way we wanted it.
Met other people along the broken path,
I thought they would help us forget.
But what they did seemed too little.

The bond that kept us connected—
all these time—
was far from being broken.

It’s just that our hearts
were too proud to admit…

In the end,
It’s not a matter of who hurt
Or who loved the most…

It’s about the truth
that even without being spoken,

Only our hearts could ever understand…


11 responses

      • Pardon me Ma’am, have you ever considered taking your writing on the road (metaphorically speaking)? There are a couple of WordPress sites I’m associated with who I’m sure would appreciate your writing/poetry: Paper Plane Pilots and Good Morning Bedtime Story. Just a thought…

      • Hmm. I sometimes share articles in a site called The Fickle Heartbeat (if you’re familiar). Other than that, nope. šŸ™‚ I just write whenever I feel like it, whenever my emotions and words come flooding. Hehe. How do I join the sites you listed? Are there rules? By the way, I really appreciate that you liked my writing. So, yeah. Thank you for the boost! šŸ™‚

      • šŸ™‚ No problem Ma’am. Yes, familiar with that site. The sites I mentioned you can contact via e-mail, or through WordPress itself, usually through the About/Submission pages. Rules…people can randomly submit pieces, or can become a contributor (which requires a bit more of a commitment – so, making a post once a week/fortnight/month. Paper Plane Pilots may sometimes ask for other commitments, including reading the work of others, etc).

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